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What is TapTab exactly?

Taptab is a tab switcher web extension for Safari. It allows you to switch between different tabs efficiently using the keyboard.

Chrome and Firefox have had tab switchers for a while. TapTab brings the same features to Safari, providing an excellent visual interface to switch between different tabs fast. It is currently available on the Mac App Store with a future Ipad version in the works. I designed TapTab to look at home on the Mac when using Safari.

Core Features

  • Keyboard Shortcuts Built with keyboard shortcuts from the ground up, allowing you to seamlessly move around your tabs without ever leaving the keyboard.
  • Fuzzy Search Start typing the title of the tab and we will do the rest. Got hundreds of tabs open? Not a problem.
  • Fast Switching to Previous Tab Switch back to the previous tab in Safari with an easy to remember shortcut.
  • Multi-Window Support We love using multiple monitors with multiple windows. Now you can switch between tabs in all your windows with ease.
  • Pin/Mute/Close Tabs Now you can pin, mute or close tabs from within the extension. No more hunting for the correct tab in your window.
  • Dark Mode Comes with Dark mode support so that the extension does not look out of place in your browser and you do not have to strain your eyes.


All of the following images and the TapTab logo are downloadable here.


TapTab screenshotTapTab screenshotTapTab screenshotTapTab screenshotTapTab screenshotTapTab screenshot



USD 3.99. No in-app purchases or subscriptions. Currently available as a web extension on macOS.

Original Release Date

December 17th, 2022


TapTab is available in all territories that the App Store supports.

Built by

Mani Batra who hangs out on Twitter and Mastodon.

Say hi @manibatra23 on Twitter

Tag along on the journey of building and launching the web extension.